Ladda ner Promotion organization and analytics. Analyzing plan, content analysis of customer audience for advertising. A like from advertisement target concept 


to examine verbo (examines, examined, examining). to examine (test; verify; inspect 

Analyse is the standard spelling in British English. In American English, analyze is standard. Definition of analyze. transitive verb.

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När den är klar är du redo att välja en rapport i Power BI-tjänsten (eller något annat Power BI-dataelement, t.ex. en datauppsättning) och sedan analysera den i Excel. Amerikaans vs. Brits: analyze vs. analyse - informatie over dit taalonderwerp in de Schrijfhulp Engels van The Language Lab. analyse (brittisk engelska, irländsk australisk engelska, nyzeeländsk engelska) analysera Varianter: analyze; Franska Substantiv .

You can use it to analyze your customer feedback for a typical NPS survey. You can also use it to implement the whole process (manual or semi-automated) of feedback analysis and visualizing the results. Conclusion. You might now want to start analyzing feedback manually. Then try out a script. Or test out a third-party solution.

UK spelling of…. Learn more. The spellings analyze and analyse are both used by Canadian writers.

Analyse or analyze

Analyze is a related term of analysis. As a verb analyze is to subject to analysis. As a noun analysis is a process of dismantling]] or [[separate|separating into constituent elements in order to study the nature, function, or meaning.

For example, it could mean you did the analysis using the software, i.e."I looked up the word on the dictionary", meaning you used the dictionary to look up the word.

Learn how to correctly pronounce this spelling combination with this American English pronuncia The teacher tried to analyse the cause of our failure. 教师设法仔细分析我们失败的原因。 We should analyse what they said and not just agree with everything. 对他们的意见要加以分析,不要随声附和。 2、单词:analyze. 音标:英 ['ænəlaɪz] 美 [ˈænəˌlaɪz] The interfaces of the Analyze tab provide you with analysis techniques of many kinds, including simulation of "what-if scenarios" on both real and hypothetical trades, volatility and probability analyses, the Economic Data indicator database, and option back-testing. The name of the installation process is different from Analyze in Excel; the name will be Microsoft Analysis Services OLE DB Provider as shown in the following image, or something similar.
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American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, analyse analyze (US) [ˈænəlaɪz] VT. 1. (= study) → analizar.

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It's a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple to efficiently analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools 

Groupe d'analyse se spécialise dans les dossiers où une modélisation théorique et des analyses statistiques approfondies sont requises. En outre, Groupe d'  26 Jul 2018 On this page you can find more information about the analysis and evaluation of your test results. As a lecturer you want to know how reliable  15 Aug 2018 Analyzing open-ended questions helps you to empathize with your audience and gather essential insights. Here's how to do it in 5 steps  Watch how to sign 'analyze' in American Sign Language.